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A Trip to the Moon

Directed by

Ian Munro

Written By

John Patterson

Music by

Chris Neal

Distributed by

Film Australia

Release Date

11 November, 1994

Preceded by

The Toy Hospital

Followed by

The Loose Tooth

A Trip to the Moon is the fifteenth episode of season 3.


One night the toys had an idea to go to the moon to get more rocks for Michael's rock collection. Then Diesel had an idea to build a rocket and the toys agreed to build in the morning.

The next day they set to work and they were working hard. When Michel was fast asleep they were ready for blast off. Johnson counted down and there spaceship headed into space. It was quiet for a second, but then they set down for landing.

When the toys were exploring, McDuff headed out of sight when Johnson was looking for moon rocks. When they pulled McDuff's wire back in, she was not attached to it. Diesel said to set off and they did. Suddenly McDuff appeared with a back pack full of moon rocks.

The next night Squeaky came along, but they didn't go to the moon, they went to the stars.


Johnson & Friends - A Trip to the Moon

Johnson & Friends - A Trip to the Moon