An Afternoon with Johnson and Friends
Album cover


Garry Scale as Johnson
Katrina Sedgwick as McDuff
Doug Scroope as Diesel
Peter Browne as Alfred
Angela Toohey as Squeaky
Paul Bertram as The Narrator


John Patterson


Chris Neal
Braedy Neal


Chris Neal

Dialogue Director

Ian Munro

Recorded and Mixed at

The Living Room, Sydney, 1992
by Chris Neal and Braedy Neal

Project Co-Ordinators

John Hopkins
Kathleen Low
Screen Music International

Special Thanks

Robert Sullivan
Mary Neal
Robyn Watts
Meryl Gross
Terri Nielsen

An Afternoon with Johnson and Friends is a music album released in the style of a musical narrative. It features twelve original songs written specifically to fit in with the storyline. It was published in 1992 by ABC Music and Phonogram, later to be rereleased by ABC Music and EMI.


  1. Johnson and Friends Theme
  2. Making Music
  3. Why is Blue, Blue?
  4. I'm a Water Bottle
  5. I'm a Little Robot
  6. Toys, Toys, Wonderful Toys
  7. I Think I Can
  8. How Does an Elephant Walk?
  9. When Michael Sat on Me
  10. How I Got Here
  11. Alfred and McDuff Duet
  12. The Diesel Rap
  13. Sleepy
  14. Johnson and Friends Theme