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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 3rd, 1990 (Australia)

October 4th, 1994 (USA)

Written by John Patterson
Directed by Ian Munro
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Beginnings is the very first episode of Johnson and Friends. It first aired on the ABC on September 3rd, 1990, and on The Fox Cubhouse in the USA on October 4th, 1994.


Johnson he toy elephant is feeling sad, he doesn't have any friends to play with. He tries to make friends with various inanimate objects which obviously results in failure.

Johnson hears a noise from the toybox, which prompts him to open the lid, and he finds a concertina named McDuff inside, She explains to Johnson that she is also looking for a friend, and suggests that they look for a friend together.

The pair come across a toy truck by the name of Diesel stuck between the bed leg and a building block. Johnson generously assists him. Diesel reciprocates Johnson by declaring him as his new friend. While Johnson celebrates, McDuff slowly shuffles away, feeling dejected and unwanted.

Johnson soon discovers Diesel to be a menance, and is soon sick of his antics. He walks away to find McDuff hiding in the toybox. She explains that she cannot find a friend, but before she can elaborate on this, Johnson quickly points out that they like one another, and they celebrate, realising that they were friends from the very beginning. Diesel overhears and confronts Johnson, who in return explains that it's very possible to have more than one friend.



  • The scene where Johnson opens the toybox lid was used in the original opening titles.