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Best of Friends
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 5th, 1990 (Australia)

October 6th, 1994 (USA)

Written by John Patterson
Directed by Ian Munro
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Best of Friends is the third episode of the first seasonIt first aired on the ABC on September 5th, 1990, and on The Fox Cubhouse in the USA on October 6th, 1994.


Diesel and McDuff are always arguing. Johnson asks them to stop, a request that could never be logically granted. They argue over where to walk to first, the door, or the window, and Johnson presents a simple solution, walking to the door, and then the window. 

Johnson feels relieved, until they start arguing again. Out of desperation, Johnson avoids them and decides to build himself a house out of Michael's building blocks. Feeling left out, McDuff and Diesel confront Johnson and decide that they will be helping Johnson build the house, they argue over this topic until Johnson angrily sends them away.

McDuff and Diesel sulk on the other side of the bedroom and are amused by the repeated sight of a very disoriented Johnson accidentally knocking his house down, and rebuilding it. The two decide that things never work out due to their ability to agree. They talk to Johnson about this, who seriously doubts their claims, but allows them to assist anyway.

But to Johnson's surprise, they keep their word, and instead of arguing, they agree constantly with one another, to the point where Johnson takes shelter in the house, asks them to leave, but then realises how amusing the situation is and forgives them.


  • Several scenes from this episode were used in the original opening titles.
  • Despite being stated in many sources to be the third episode, Best of Friends takes place canonically as the second episode.
  • Pre-filmed footage from The Birthday Present and Playing Games is used.