This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the VHS.

Diesel's Taxi is the seventeenth episode of Season 4.


Diesel informs Johnson that he’s going to get a job to buy things, leading Johnson to wonder what kind of job Diesel could get. Johnson knows that Diesel can move things, and suggests he become a taxi. With that, Diesel takes Johnson’s suggestion and becomes a taxi and takes Johnson to visit McDuff. For every ride Diesel gives, he charges 5 cents.

Once Johnson has arrived at McDuff’s place, she wants to visit Victoria, so Diesel takes her there. Victoria later wanted to visit Squeaky. Once Diesel came across Alfred, the hot water bottle wants the taxi to take him to the other side of the bed, to Diesel’s disapproval. At the end of the day, Diesel gave McDuff a ride and charges her medal.

Once the working day was over, Johnson counts the money Diesel had earned and says he’s got enough money to buy 2 houses and Diesel buys Johnson’s house, causing the elephant to move under a chair.

The next day, Alfred, McDuff and Victoria were more taxi crazy than yesterday. As they all saw Diesel still sleeping, they called for him to wake up. He does so, but informs them that he’s on holiday, much to the outrage of Alfred, who tells the taxi that he needs to work a minimum of 2 days to have a holiday because, as Victoria says, that’s what jobs are about, Working every day except for weekends. This caused Diesel to quit and tells the other toys they can walk.

Later, Diesel finds Johnson, who is squashed in his new house and says he can have his old house back, much to Johnson’s relief. Diesel informs Johnson that he doesn’t want a job anymore because of what Victoria told him. 


  • Alfred says that working day in and day out excludes weekends. This is not true for everybody, because some people do work weekends. 
  • The title is a bit misleading, as it makes the episode seem like Diesel owns a taxi, even though he becomes one for this episode.