Helpless is the fifth episode of the first season. It originally aired on the ABC on 7 September 1990.


One day, Diesel was playing a game he made up called 'Bumps and Thumps'. Suddenly, one of his wheels came loose and flew across the room, landing on the chest of drawers. Diesel ended up stuck in the corner of the room. Meanwhile, Johnson was very annoyed because Squeaky the robot had been living in his house for four weeks and he couldn't get inside. McDuff came over and told him about Diesel' s accident.

Johnson decided to climb the chest of drawers to get Diesel's wheel back. McDuff and Diesel were scared but Johnson successfully retrieved it. They tried to put it back on but it didn't work. Their only option left was to ask for Squeaky's help. Though she was hesitant at first, Squeaky managed to lift Diesel just enough for Johnson to place the wheel back into place. That evening, Diesel was playing a new game, "Collisions." But Squeaky had returned to Johnson's house. Would he ever get it back?




Johnson and Friends - Helpless

Johnson and Friends - Helpless