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It takes a lot of work to run a wiki like this. Here you will find out about the three main admins.



ESF is the main b-crat here. He, and Thomasthetankmoosh turned a wiki full of spam and vandalism into a wiki worth looking at. He has retired as of Feburary 24th 2014.


Thomasthetankmoosh is the new main admin. He mainly edits articles about songs, DVDS, VHS, and Characters, but will gladly help ESF with anything needed.


Usthomasepisodes (also much referred to as Epi), is the newest member of the staff. He is best friends with Thomasthetankmoosh, and came here to edit grammatical, spelling, and puncuation errors, as well as tidy up some pages like the VHS tapes, DVDs, and more.


Not much is known about Jackbilly other than he was the founder and first admin of the site. His last known visit was in August 2013.