Making Music (Album)
Johnson & Friends
Released 1994
Recorded 1992
Label ABC Music
Produced by Chris Neal
Making Music is a CD released in 1994 featuring 10 tracks.


  1. Johnson and Friends Theme
  2. Toys, Toys, Wonderful Toys (2:31)
  3. Alfred and McDuff Duet (2:28)
  4. I'm a Little Robot (2:45)
  5. Making Music (3:16)
  6. How Does an Elephant Walk? (2:41)
  7. The Diesel Rap (3:38)
  8. I'm a Water Bottle (3:54)
  9. Diesel Flies (1:24)
  10. Sleepy (4:54)


  • The album is considered the rerelease of An Afternoon with Johnson and Friends, as the audio is taken directly from it, the only differences between the two is that the theme song is only played once, Diesel Flies is added and four songs (Why is Blue, Blue?, I Think I Can, When Michael Sat on Me and How I Got Here) are removed.
  • The aforementioned songs were presumably removed due to having controversial titles and lyrics, for example, in the fourth chorus of Why is Blue, Blue?, Johnson sings "Why do things die?" which is considered inappropriate for young children.