Playing Games was the seventh episode of Season 1.


One day Johnson and his friends were playing a game. But McDuff wasn't good, and Diesel told her to go away. McDuff was sad, but Johnson said if she wanted to play another game, and she was happy again. But McDuff didn't do good at that either and she slid away.

Johnson thought about McDuff for all the afternoon. That night the toys were having fun, but McDuff didn't want to join in and slid away again.

The next day they were playing another game. But there games always ended up in arguments, so they decided to get a referee. They chosen McDuff. Suddenly McDuff raced through on a skateboard. When she stoped, they talked to her and asked here to be referee, she was delighted and the toys played games for the rest of the season.




Johnson and Friends - Playing Games

Johnson and Friends - Playing Games