"Sharing" was the tenth episode of season 1.


One day McDuff found Michael's skate board and was scaring everyone. Johnson was scared because his house was next to the skate board track. But then McDuff was in a terrible state. Alfred came out from under the bed and tried to stop McDuff but only lead to Alfred and McDuff getting hurt. So Alfred decided to take the board away from McDuff.

Alfred had one go on the skate board but after be refused to give it back. Meanwhile Johnson was building a summer deck when Alfred crashed into him. Then Johnson decided to get the skate board away from Alfred and had a go and refused to give it back for hours.

Suddenly Johnson crashed into all the toys and they were all hurt. They started to argue about who's turn it was. Finally Johnson said to share and the toys all agreed. And for the rest of the day the toys played on the skateboard.



Johnson and Friends - Sharing

Johnson and Friends - Sharing