"The Thing Outside" was the fourth episode of season 1.


One day McDuff heard sounds coming from the other side of the door. She went to go and investigate and she opened the door. She saw a shadow coming to the door and was so scared, she decided to seek away.

Meanwhile Johnson and Diesel were arguing about Diesel getting into the house, and he started to threaten to knock it down. Then McDuff came in and told her friends all about what she had seen. Diesel slunk away and hid behind the waste paper basket. McDuff had no choice but to adventure out and try to see who was there.

She was very scared, but she opened the door and stood up and told the robot to leave her and the friends alone. But the robot was scared and McDuff felt sad. She wanted to care for the robot and chased after it.

Later Diesel wondered where McDuff had gone too, and they went straight to the door. They opened the door to find McDuff standing outside. They brought her in and made a medal for McDuff named the bravery medal made out of some string and a button from Michael's shirt on the door. Sudddenly the robot jumped out of Johnsons house. Diesel said they don't need to knock down Johnson's house anymore because the robot fitted just inside of the house.




Johnson and Friends - The Thing Outside

Johnson and Friends - The Thing Outside