Under the Bed
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date September 4th, 1990 (Australia)

October 4th, 1994 (USA)

Written by John Patterson
Directed by Ian Munro
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Under the Bed is the second episode of the first seasonIt first aired on the ABC on September 4th, 1990, and on The Fox Cubhouse in the USA on October 4th, 1994.


Diesel suggests to Johnson and McDuff that they explore under Michael's bed. Johnson is unsure, He tells Diesel and McDuff that "monster toys", Michael's dirty socks and a hole to the center of the earth are very likely to be there, mostly to discourage them, as he isn't sure what's under the bed himself.

Night time arrives, and Michael falls asleep. The toys decide to embark on their expedition. They circle the room, and eventually realise that McDuff has been left behind, luckily, she shows up quickly and informs Johnson and Diesel that she has found the bed.

After much hesitation, they enter and are greeted by a rather unnerving face. The toys are terrified, and run for the door. However, they are followed by the strange fellow, who introduces himself as Alfred - Michael's leaky hot water bottle. The toys explain to Alfred that they have been exploring, and invite him to come with them. Alfred accepts, and the four friends head into the moonlight.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Alfred.
  • Alfred states that he was aware of the toys' expedition, implying that he was watching them prior to being discovered.
  • The bedroom is intended to seem much bigger than it really is during the toys' expedition, mainly for dramatic effect.
  • Despite being stated in many sources to be the second episode, Under the Bed canonically takes place as the sixth episode.